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Shore Galleries - Range

State of the art led track lighting allows us to have the best and brightest lighting around so no shadow is cast on the target at any distance allowing the shooter to know always where his or her shots are landing.

The Gallery

Long awaited Shore Galleries is proud to announce that we will have a 10 lane range by end of year 2016.  5 traditional lanes 5 tactical lanes. We will be using a turn-key system that will consist of several key component. 

Shooting Booths

The shooting Stall is the most modular shooting stall on the market. Interchangeable ballistic panels and parts.

Bullet Traps

Our bullet traps have been designed to safely, reliably, and consistently receive bullets under all conditions and in all calibers appropriate to your shooting and training needs. They safely collect and store all bullets fired into them without affecting ongoing shooting and without causing environmental damage. They safely and efficiently allow for the removal and disposal of collected lead and other debris without causing environmental damage.

Safety Baffles

The baffles have been designed with an innovative combination of steel, wood, and acoustical tiles to create one of the most critical safety concerns in any indoor range. These safety baffles ensure errant bullets can’t escape to the outside, providing ballistic protection to lights, pipes, ventilation ducts, and other structures, while also delivering sound abatement, and a polished, professional appearance to the range.

The target baffle system is a crucial component of the range. It is specifically engineered and designed to not allow any rounds to leave a range. Instead, every round fired is directed safely towards the trap. Baffles in close proximity to shooters on both fixed firing line ranges and tactical ranges are specifically designed to contain splatter and ricochet of a bullet. This reduces the risk of injury to a shooter in the case of an accidental discharge into the ceiling.

Sound Abatement

Engineered to the exact requirement and specification to meet OSHA, government, military, and civilian noise standards, regulations, and ordinances.


Our ventilation system for the range meets and exceed environmental standards. The system is a complete package of controls, air filtration, and maintenance to ensure that employees and customers are protected from the health concerns associated with lead exposure and other air-borne toxins found in indoor ranges. The innovative designs for our ventilation systems exceed NIOSH, EPA, and OSHA air quality standards.