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CCW Classes

Our Illinois Concealed Carry License (CCL) class consists of interactive class room instruction and discussion on all the topics mandated by the Illinois State Police (ISP). We encourage class participation, and every effort is made to give students a realistic understanding of the practical implications of the new responsibility they are about to undertake. This course is focused on the new shooter, and introduces them to the principles of using a handgun for personal defense. This course will exceed the requirements set forth by the Illinois State Police (ISP). Our CCL class is comprised of three sessions in an effort to make our classes accessible to most schedules. These session are offer a la carte and may be taken in any sequence.

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Basic Handgun 101

This course is designed for the new shooter or someone who wants to refresh their basic shooting skills. Whether it is for self defense or competition the core fundamentals of shooting are the same. Being able to deploy a gun in self defense efficiently requires repetitive training. This is the class to begin with on that path to successfully win in an armed encounter. Class will start out with the safety rules and in depth study of the shooting fundamentals. Students will practice gun handling skills such as presentation, loading, unloading, and clearing malfunctions through dry fire in the classroom before moving to live fire on the range.

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